Keep a Strong Roof Over Your Head

Protect your property with roof cleaning services in San Diego & Chula Vista, CA

Your shingles are constantly under attack. From rain to pests, a solid roof keeps nature out of your home or business. Make your roof last with soft wash roof cleaning completed by Same Day Pressure Wash in San Diego, CA. Our experienced team cleans all types of roof materials to prevent deterioration.

We'll remove dirt, debris and mold so you can avoid expensive repairs later down the line. Get a free estimate for our roof cleaning services by calling 619-888-5604.

We bring years of experience to every job

When you hire our team, we'll assess your roof before starting any roof cleaning services. Then we'll clean every inch of your roof with expert care and professional tools.

Choose soft wash roof cleaning services for your:

  • Office building with an asphalt roof
  • Two-story home with a shingle roof
  • Warehouse with a metal roof
During our visit, we'll even clean your gutters, if needed. Protect your building. Email us today to set up your appointment.